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After Art Superior Tattoo Care

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Pass on good cheer this holiday season with the best Tattoo After Care.  After Art® with Mānuka is New Zealand made and built on generations of traditional healing experience.

Utilizing the natural anti-bacterial properties of Manuka and made using the best all-natural ingredients, After Art is packed full of vitamins A, C, E and Omega essential oils which nourish your newly tattooed skin and aid your body’s natural healing process.

Nothing Petroleum based, 100% Natural & Vegan. Tested in the field on people , not puppies.

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Caring For Your Tattoos Is As Important As Getting Them

  • Before Inked

    The healthier your skin is, the better your outcome. Apply After Art® to the area to be inked once or twice daily for one to two weeks before getting a new tattoo.

  • After Inked

    To maximize the fast healing properties in After Art® apply immediately after you are inked. Then continue to use twice daily, or as needed, to accelerate the healing process and bring your Art to life.

  • Beyond Inked

    Keep your Tattoos looking fresh and new. Use After Art® on a regular basis for existing and healed tattoos to avoid dullness, fading, cracking and discoloration.

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For large purchases ie. 5 boxes or more, we can discuss payment terms that make buying in bulk more feasible.  Our typical terms are Net 30 for repeat volume buyers.  Contact us to discuss!

What makes After Art® different than other after care products?

When it comes to taking care of a freshly inked body, two of the most important attributes of an Aftercare product are the way it spreads on your tattoo and how fast it works.

After Art® is a smooth cream with a silky, non-greasy feel, that goes on without abrasion nor itching, and leaves no residue on the hands or clothes.  Only apply a tiny amount and still get maximum efficacy, which also means that the product will last you longer.

Most importantly, After Art® stands out from other aftercare products because of  its 100% all-natural ingredients: including essential and omega oils, Vitamin A, C, E and a proprietary developed formula containing Mānuka Oil to significantly cut the healing and recovery time.

After Art® lets the skin breathe properly, as it does not contain any Wax, Non-natural Oils, or Petroleum based substances that will clog pores.

Is After Art® just an after care product?

After Art® should be used in all phases of the tattoos’ lifetime.

Phase 1 – Before Inked: Use the cream a couple of weeks before on the area that will be inked.  This assures proper moisturization of the skin to make it ready for the best possible result.

Phase 2 – After Inked:Use After Art® on a new tattoo to accelerate the healing process and minimize the possibility of an infection or even worse, scaring.

Phase 3 – Beyond Inked: People who love their tattoos and want them to stay looking new use After Art® on their ink throughout their lifetime.

How fast should I expect my new Tattoo to heal with After Art®?

Although results may vary from one person to another, you will achieve a much better healing time using our product.

Should I use any ointment on my new tattoo before After Art®?

That is not necessary as After Art® is formulated to act as both an ointment and a cream.  You can use After Art® as your sole companion throughout the entire process of getting, treating, and maintaining your tattoos.

How often do I need to apply After Art® on my tattoos?

For a freshly acquired tattoo, we recommend to apply After Art® on the new ink 3 times daily until sure that the tattoo has healed.

For an existing or older tattoo, us to moisturize and protect the tattoos with After Art® twice daily.

The above is a recommendation given ideal weather and conditions.  Adjust application accordingly to the environment and exposure to the elements.

Where is After Art® manufactured and by whom?

After Art® is produced by F  and  J Enterprises NZ Ltd in New Zealand, the land of Manuka & Honey.  The product is distributed in the United States exclusively by treeOvida, Nature’s Gifts LLC (

Mānuka isn't that that what is in After Art®?

After Art® contains the oil from the the Mānuka tree , and not honey.

Similarly to Mānuka oil, Mānuka Honey which is produced from the nectar of the tree, is also well known for its medicinal benefits and healing properties.